Aligning Remote Teams - Tips from the Experts

A few of us in the Mirror Mirror network put on a webinar last week to share insights around how people in remote teams can be more effective and general tips on aligning remote teams. It’s our way of responding to the dramatic implications of COVID-19 that are affecting people and organizations around the globe.

We ran two webinars, one for the EU-timezone and one for the North American timezone. Both addressed the problems that people aligning remote teams can typically experience in the following areas:   

  1. Behavioural alignment: Personal transition, Effective collaboration, Leading & facilitating online
  2. Cognitive alignment: Understanding each other, Getting strategic clarity, Keeping in tune with stakeholders.

Panelists were:


Contact us if you’d like a copy of the slides used for both sessions.  Links to recordings of both webinars are below.



Thanks to all involved for the energy, expertise and participation!