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Example Application

Mirror Mirror can be used with single teams and across groups of teams; with leadership teams or operational teams.

With our data you can make all the difference. Show teams where they share an understanding and where they don’t. Show them what they are doing that is working, and what they are doing that is holding them back.

When people become more conscious of new mental models that will serve them better, they are better able to adopt them. And when people share their views and assumptions in an open and respectful environment, they can reach a better and more actionable shared current reality.


Test how employees understand the strategy, collect structured feedback, allow teams to relate strategic intentions to what they do and how they collaborate, so they can get on with effective implementation.

Better integrate project teams on their current reality, their shared challenges and how they will coordinate to deliver better together.


Overcome resistance to change; improve clarity and agility; increase engagement, ownership and preparedness to succeed.

Enable teams to get to grips with ‘what is’, take more ownership for making change happen, interact better as a team.


Identify the issues and get them on the table, safely and constructively so team members can address what’s needed and move on.

Improve remote collaboration through enabling team members to develop a better shared understanding of their context and behaviours.


Decrease time to onboard new leaders from months to days, allowing them to rapidly understand and engage with their team.

Familiarize people in new teams with each other and their shared challenges – quickly and thoroughly.

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