Become a trained Mirror Mirror practitioner

As an expert practitioner, you can use our alignment reports to structure your research and open informed conversations
Our training involves 3 hours of pre-read and a 5 hour online group learning session.
Join our Network of Practitioners and become a listed Delivery Partner.
Dealing with Fear & Anxiety

What you’ll learn

  • More about the growing field of team alignment
  • About Mirror Mirror, and how it fits into your toolkit
  • How to interpret alignment data and get underneath the deeper story within each report
  • How to use the data to bring new insights and address alignment gaps
  • How to work with aggregated team alignment data from multiple teams
  • All about the delivery process and supporting available resources.

As a trained partner you'll be able to:

  • Show alignment gaps and measure change with data that has independence and authority
  • Support leaders and teams in recognizing and addressing the issues
  • Upscale the offering with aggregated reports across multiple teams and geographies
  • Surface rich insights as feedback for the wider organisation
  • Evidence the need for further work
  • Interact with peers in our Network.
Dealing with Fear & Anxiety
“I see Mirror Mirror as a platform to support powerful conversations that allow people in teams to reflect at a deep level personally and collectively on what will allow them to maximize their impact."


“When you run individual interviews with team members without a structure like Mirror Mirror, you’re only scratching the surface.”


“It takes the risk out of difficult discussions because you can get the issues on the table safely, objectively and constructively. them to maximise their impact in the world.”


“Mirror Mirror is a powerful tool that gets very deep in a very short space of time.”


Dealing with Fear & Anxiety

The training

The training is open to those with good experience as a leadership or team coach.  The cost is EUR 450 per person, or US $500 (ex. tax). 

Those who pass are invited to join our circle of accredited practitioners.  Being a part of this network includes free training upgrades, monthly learning calls, and ongoing access to our library of delivery templates and materials. No fee for this, just active participation in some form or another.  

We run trainings roughly every 2 or 3 months.  Please check if you qualify then let us know of your interest via the waitlist button that will show up if you do.  Any questions? Get in touch anytime via the contact form on this site.

About the trainer

Lindsay Uittenbogaard (Founder Mirror Mirror) began her career running small businesses before spending 15 years in communication leadership roles with multinational organisations in the energy, IT, and telecommunications industries.

It was the stark contrast between working in small businesses and multinational organizations that inspired an insatiable curiosity around how people align and the profound implication of that on business performance.  In response, Lindsay and her business partner Hannah, collaborated with the Technical University of Delft, and the Rotterdam School of Management to develop Mirror Mirror.

An IABC Accredited Business Communicator, Lindsay has post-graduate diplomas in International Business Communication Management.  She is also certified by the CIPD, the Reputation Institute, and is a published author in the Gower Handbook of Internal Communication 2008. She  and is a regular writer and speaker on alignment for performance. 


The cost of the training is EUR 450 per person, or US $500 (ex. tax). Those who pass are offered membership to the network at EUR 250 per person per year, or US $280 (ex. tax). Membership includes free training upgrades, network learning calls, and ongoing access to our library of delivery templates and materials.


If you’d like to be notified of future training dates as they are released please click below.