About Our Team

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Mirror Mirror is a brand from i2i Practical Communications


Employee alignment is a standard. Together with our trusted network of expert practitioners, we are the market leader in providing high-quality alignment diagnostics and support.


To help people at work build a better shared reality that is more rewarding for all.


Respect, openness, inclusivity, empowerment, integrity and wellbeing.

Our journey began in The Netherlands in 2016

Lindsay Uittenbogaard

Founding Partner - CEO (UK based in NL)

Lindsay Uittenbogaard

Founder and General Management UK based in NL

With a background running small businesses, Lindsay has 15 years leading communications with multinationals in the Energy, IT & Telecoms sectors. She is an IABC Accredited Business Communicator, a certified member of the Reputation Institute, and published author in the Gower Handbook of Internal Communication.

She has since used her experience, insights, and drawn from research to create and drive the growth of Mirror Mirror.

An IABC Accredited Business Communicator, Lindsay is also a certified member of the Reputation Institute and a published author in the Gower Handbook on Internal Communication 2008.

Hannah Rattay

Founding Partner - Product Development (DE/UK based in DE)

Hannah Rattay

Product Development DE/UK based in DE

A multi-lingual engineer from the University of Cambridge, Hannah has a background in strategy consultancy with Shell Global Solutions. She has a wide skills base in the entrepreneurial, operational and commercial domain and is current active in Software Quality Assurance.

After graduating at Masters level from the University of Cambridge, Hannah went on to Shell Global Solutions as a strategic consultant and now works in software quality assurance, based in Berlin.

Drake Morse

CTO (CA based in NL)

Drake Morse

CA based in NL

Drake is a program management specialist and digital project enabler for products, services, and ideas. With a consulting background with Deloitte, and experience of managing change with Booking.com, Drake is passionate about tooling and education for innovation, digital development, and the creation of solutions.

Certifications include Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Project Management Professional and Wicked Problem Solving Practitioner with Project Management Institute (PMI). 


Steve McCann


The red thread in Steve McCann’s career has been working with remote teams, some of them in complex and hostile parts of the world. After a short commission in the UK military Steve took up a role in the UN involving logistics and project management consultancy.

Then from 2003-2019 he owned Safer Edge, a risk advisory business working in international humanitarian type security.

Now, Steve is the Co-Director of Rees McCann – a remote events, facilitation and training company. He manages business development and looks to the future of continuously improving, high quality, engaging remote events.

Lucy Armstrong


Lucy is Chief Executive of The Alchemists, which works with high growth mid-corporate businesses to accelerate their development and success by focusing on shareholder and management development and succession.

Lucy is Chair of the independent Professional Standards Council, the national Enterprise Research Centre, and is former Chair of Northumbria University.

Lucy was educated at Oxford University, holds an MBA and an MSc in Forensic Psychology & Criminology.

Jeppe Vilstrip Hansgaard

Jeppe Vilstrip

Jeppe is the CEO of Innovisor (link to www.innovisor.com) – market leaders in organizational network analysis. His specialties are: Change Management, Transformation, Collaboration, Communities, Social Network Analysis, Organizational Network Analysis, People Analytics. He says: “Above all I believe in people. People can achieve remarkable things, if you let them.”

Giles Slinger


Giles is an experienced consultant ex-ATKearney, Active Operations Management International, (Workware SaaS product) Concentra (OrgVue SaaS product).

His work has always focused on using data more effectively: in feedback systems, operations management methods and in organisational analytics for restructuring and transformation.

Giles says: “I am inspired by the idea that technology can connect – making visible links, relationships and things that were previously hidden.”

Steve Hearsum


Steve is a consultant, supervisor, and coach, who supports and challenges clients to find their edge and stretch when what they need is more than simply 'better sameness'.

He has been described as “the right kind of fly in the ointment” and much of his work is with senior leadership teams wrestling with change, and internal practitioners developing consulting and Organisation Development & Design skills. He is currently writing a book, which explores the functional collusion that creates dependency on a myth - that there can ever be a 'Silver Bullet' for complex problems.

Jeppe Vilstrip

mirror mirror

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The Alignment Imperative

Mirror Mirror reflects what's going on in a way that cannot be disputed.

See how the organizational messages are being received. Understand how people think the strategy relates to their work. Find out what the actual learning culture. Discover what one team is doing well that others could learn from. See where the alignment gaps are and what's causing them. Enable people to express their views and ideas, and work out how to deliver better together.

Real insights in context.