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As an expert practitioner, you can use our alignment reports to structure your research, open informed conversations, help clients improve engagement and effectiveness, and evidence the need for further work.

Our 1-day online training course involves 2-3 hours of pre-read and 5 hours of group learning, split into 3 sessions on one day.  Successful completion leads to an invitation to join our network of Delivery Partners.

What you’ll learn:

  • More about the growing field of team alignment
  • About Mirror Mirror, and how it fits in to your toolkit
  • How to interpret alignment data and get underneath the deeper story within each report
  • How to use the data to bring new insights and address alignment gaps
  • How to work with aggregated team alignment data from multiple teams
  • All about the delivery process and resources.
We refer to those who have gone through the training as ‘certified’ practitioners and those who have had hands on experience with Mirror Mirror as ‘accredited’ .

As a trained partner you can:

  • Add the Mirror Mirror alignment capability to your portfolio of offerings
  • Show alignment gaps and measure change with data that has independence and authority
  • Support leaders and teams in recognizing and addressing the issues
  • Upscale the offering with aggregated reports across multiple teams and geographies
  • Surface rich insights as feedback for the wider organisation
  • Evidence the need for further work
  • Interact with peers in our Network.

Please register to our upcoming training dates or subscribe to be notified of more dates as they are scheduled.

The training is open to those with 5+ years’ experience as a practitioner and facilitator in the people and performance space. After the training, all participants wishing to join the Network are expected to be active in putting Mirror Mirror to use.

The cost of the training is 150 Euro per person (ex-tax) and those who passed can be offered membership to the network, at a one-off cost of 150 Euro (ex-tax).

The next scheduled training is 12 May at 15.00 CET (5 hours including breaks).

I see Mirror Mirror as a platform to support powerful conversations amongst teams. Conversations that allow people to reflect at a deep level personally and collectively on what will allow them to maximise their impact in the world.

People and Performance Consultant


When you run individual interviews with team members without a structure like Mirror Mirror, you’re only scratching the surface.” –

Strategy Implementation Consultancy


It takes the risk out of difficult discussions because you can get the issues on the table safely, objectively and constructively. them to maximise their impact in the world.” –

Project Manager


Mirror Mirror is a powerful tool that gets very deep in a very short space of time.” –

Leadership Coach


Case Study - Effective decision making


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