Profiling Three Mirror Mirror Network Members - Mirror Mirror - Team Alignment

We are proud to showcase some of the talent and experience with the profiles of three of our Mirror Mirror Network Members. To date, we have trained over 120 practitioners in 17 countries – some of whom are listed on this page.   


Rudolf Vogl – Founder / CEO Smartbird, Austria

People first, Technology second! That’s my mindset and approach when advising executives and organisations for enabling people to work successfully and live better in the digital world!

From Austrian customs officer to international HR executive and entrepreneur, Rudolf has more than 30 years’ experience in Human Resources across diverse sectors and organisations.

• Public sector | Central Customs Office, Vienna, Federal Ministry of Finance
• Pharmaceuticals | Eli Lilly & Company, HR responsibility for Austria, Switzerland, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East
• Consumer goods| Gallaher Group (Austria Tabak), HR responsibility for Western Europe (excl. UK) and Eastern Europe (excl. Russia)
• Banking & finance| Raiffeisen Bank International, group-wide HR responsibility for Austria, Central & Eastern Europe, USA, China and Singapore
• Consulting |smartbird: for leadership in the digital age

Rekha Kent – Redstone Consulting, Kenya

I believe organisations should be places where people find purpose, happiness and can thrive. My aim is to help leaders create such places.

Rekha is an expert coach, facilitator and leadership consultant and has over 20 years’ experience in this field. She is passionate about working with companies and individuals, enabling them to achieve success. Rekha first started Redstone Consulting in 2008 while based in the UK. Now she runs the business from Nairobi, Kenya.

She has worked with FSTE 100 companies and various NGO’s, challenging and stretching their leaders, developing their managers and helping them achieve their visions and aspirations. She has extensive global experience, working with teams and organisations in countries like Japan, India, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Her strong commercial and strategic experience has supported functions through mergers, acquisitions and cultural change.

Rekha’s approach focuses on establishing clear goals and achieving results. Her insight and powerful questions drives self-awareness, helping individuals adapt their behaviour in order to achieve the results they want. She has designed and facilitated a range of interventions, such as strategic offsites, coaching, negotiation and change programs. Rekha has coached a number of senior Business leaders. She has run strategic offsites, team retreats and leadership development programs for organisations such as SAP, Rockfella Foundation, UNEP, World Vision, UNAIDS and Johnson & Johnson.

Ian Webster – Founder, Wharf Consultants UK

Ian helps businesses to navigate and embrace change by supporting them in building more resilient teams, able to recognise and manage the complexities facing business in 2020. He has 20 years’ experience working as a consultant and project manager with organisations such as BBC, Turner Broadcasting, Volkswagen UK, and Sainsbury’s.

“Whenever organisations want to change and run projects, securing alignment and building consensus is frequently a major challenge. It’s one thing to be aware of discourse and misalignment, but another thing entirely to be able to discuss and resolve it. Mirror Mirror solves this problem, by providing the qualitative & quantitative data needed to prompt the vital conversations. The types of discussions that can build alignment and deliver consensus for a change.

A key element of my work is helping organisations to recognise their nature as complex systems with lots of interacting components. Mirror Mirror with its team alignment focus, highlighting what’s happening between team members, is a perfect tool to support this type of work.

The alignment challenge for many projects comes in how the change is integrated into the wider organisation, rather than within the project team itself. Mirror Mirror’s ability to make an early alignment check across the wider team is a vital tool for any project manager. The sooner any misalignment is uncovered, the greater the chance of project success.

If you would like to become one of our Mirror Mirror Network Members, please apply for training via the event links on this page for facilitators.