Making Context King - Mirror Mirror - Team Alignment

We hear a lot about situational leadership – how leaders at all levels are more effective if they adapt their behaviours to suit their context. Yet the tools and models out there that help leaders understand what their context or situation is, are largely theoretical.

And when teams need to make progress, be that for the purposes of performance, innovation, or change, everyone needs to start with a collective understanding of their context in terms of ‘where we are now’. In other words, they need a shared current reality to move forward together. Without that, team members will move in different directions. They will have different ideas about what they are dealing with, what the next step is and how to take that next step.


We define a context to be, simply what people commonly understand to be real, based on their perceptions.  I’ve been working with some colleagues for some months now to develop a team effectiveness tool, called Mirror Mirror, that is anchored in the identification of the common context as a driver of alignment. In other words, it helps teams develop shared picture of ‘where they are now’ so they have the clarity, alignment and momentum needed to progress to ‘where they want to go next’.

And this is one of the first blogs on the new Mirror Mirror website, written to promote the discounted offer to pilot Mirror Mirror with your team in exchange for providing feedback.


Mirror Mirror is not a concept or theoretical model that needs to be translated back into the workplace. It is a practical action learning process that is anchored to the whole team context with the Team Leader in charge.

It focuses on 3 elements: the context at work, the diversity within the team, and the connections between people. The process is simple: it involves an interview and assessment of 2 – 3 hours per person plus a one day workshop.

We are currently in Beta Test phase and have two opportunities for teams to pilot Mirror Mirror in exchange for feedback on the process.  If you are interested, please contact us.