Seeking ‘Reality’ - Mirror Mirror - Team Alignment

I recently came across a blog by Robert Fritz, author of “The Path of Least Resistance” and “The Managerial Moment of Truth”, both books containing some fabulous stuff about creating a shared reality.  And in today’s world of fake news and low trust in leaders – reality is a hot topic.

But when Fritz wrote

Here’s a model of how I see that luxury quickly disappearing and why we need to acknowledge different perspectives to understand a whole shared reality:

Seeking Reality

We know that our interpretations are coloured by how we perceive the world based on our knowledge, experiences, personalities and motives. Therefore, what we perceive overall, both objectively and subjectively, becomes our reality.

Reality as seen by one person alone is meaningless. Reality exists between people: when they recognise things the same way, be that when they are in agreement on the same facts, the same interpreted facts, or otherwise.