Dealing with Fear & Anxiety in a Time of Crisis - Mirror Mirror - Team Alignment

Three of our network members featured as expert panelists in today’s webinar: Dealing with Fear & Anxiety in a Time of Crisis. Dr. Jacqui Leaman Grey, Nikki Hinksman and Suzy Giles presented some captivating and insightful content across different angles: neuroscience, coaching, communications and change management. 

You can access the recording here and contact us for a copy of the slides shared during the session.


Jacqui covered ‘Three Habits for surviving the pandemic’:

  • Stay positive and learn
  • Include everyone
  • Prioritise what matters

Jacqui has over 10 years experience through NLI both designing and working with Neuroscientists and also delivering to many exec teams globally. She has a doctorate in existential philosophy, focused on executive anxiety in organisations which led to in-depth case study, interviews and her book Executive Advantage – Resilience for 21st Century Leaders. She has also published academic peer reviewed articles, and leadership magazines including HBR. She speaks at global conferences on NS esp in Resilience, Inclusion and Gender. She is also an entrepreneur – building her own, for global business ventures and latterly The Neuroleadership Institute building it across 8 countries in 6 years.


During the session, Nikki talked about:

  • The fear reactions and why they get stimulated
  • How a reality of fear or possibility is self created
  • The impact of orientating around fear
  • Using our minds to create a reality of possibility
  • Taking action in the direction of possibility

Every one of us is susceptible to fear, our body’s inbuilt warning system. The difficultly is that when we are in a state of fear (which we sometimes call concern, worry, anxiety….), our higher reasoning is suppressed and our performance plummets. Nikki has spent the last 20 years helping people be at their best. As a partner of Think Love Education, she coaches and facilitates individuals and teams addressing the core issues that get in the way of them being their most authentic, sustainable and productive selves.


Suzy presented on:

  • Helping leaders and managers through change – setting the right goals (short and long term)
  • Applying the ADKAR model to the change process – giving structure
  • Communicating change through a crisis

Suzy is Managing Director of Giles Global Communications, a consultancy working with organisations with a global footprint, supporting them with communications strategy, branding, internal communications and change management. She is originally from the UK but lives and works in The Hague.