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Strengthen Executive Team engagement with the Board

Our data-driven assessment tool will help you drive a progressive high-trust relationship with your Board for improved decision making and performance


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A confidential, research-based tool that pinpoints the opportunities for improved relations with your Board.

For many Executive Teams, the relationship with their Boards are complex and tense. Much of this comes down to a lack of time and focus to manage the relationship.

Our Board Engagement Module provides a blueprint for excellence by quickly identifying where the problems lie and offering practical guidance on how to fix them.

This is a confidential learning exercise – done by the Executive Team, for the Executive Team.   



Leverage extensive experience of a modern progressive Executive Team – Board engagement model and drive sustained improvement 

Your Executive Team will benefit by:

  • Assessing how the current engagement with the Board compares with best-in-class
  • Identifying key areas that need improvement
  • Improving your understanding of what the Board needs
  • Receiving practical recommendations to drive sustained improvement in the engagement with the Board
  • Improving trust and avoiding micro-management and second guessing by the Board
  • Increasing the Board’s effectiveness, value-add and support back to the Executive Team
  • Optimizing decision-making of the Executive Team and Board combined
  • Strengthening the ability of the Executive team and Board to excel together for Shareholders and Stakeholders

Assess how you are engaging with the Board today!

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Build greater trust

Our confidential assessment tool gives value insights into the root causes of trust issues between the Executive team and Board


Better Engagement

Our diagnostic assessment will help you pinpoint the key areas and recommendations that will improve your engagement with the Board.


Improve Alignment

We also report on the degree of alignment between team members. This reveals the extent to which discussion is needed within the team before changes are applied. It was designed into this offer by the team alignment diagnostics experts at Mirror Mirror.


The eight focal areas analyzed in the diagnostic assessment

Optimising the effectiveness and value-add of how the Executive Team and Board work together

Executive Reporting

Engagement Dynamics, Trust

Crisis Management

Risk Management


Decision-making, Prioritisation

Customers, Employees, ESG

Purpose, Culture, Values


How participants have experienced our diagnostic assessments

“It provided an all-round wonderful experience for us … feedback from my team is that this was one of the best training sessions and assessments we’ve gone through.”

Roy, President


It worked because everyone was engaged. It was their pressure and their context. I fully endorse Mirror Mirror as a cutting edge approach to leadership communications and employee engagement for change and innovation

DR. Prof. Johanna Azengruber

Professor of Strategy and Innovation, University of Applied Science

A valuable process to help teams reflect and supports in building a foundation for new process generation. Good exercise and test for our group’s cohesiveness, alignment, goals, collaboration Clear criteria, forces you to think about things you wouldn’t think of yourself It was good to take time and reflect instead of assuming things.



We’re actually now going to work from data. So we’re not just going to do good work, we’re going to shape our programs to deliver the right work.


Expert Practitioner working with The Health Sector, UK Expert


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Who is it for?

Executive Teams in any size or type of organization, in any industry or location will benefit from the insights and practical recommendations in the Board Engagement Module.

How do I initiate this diagnostic assessment?

Contact your coach, or contact us for an expert coach recommendation. From there you’ll get a survey link to for your completion by your Executive Team members.

Where do the recommendations come from?

Our Partner on this diagnostic assessment, Board Excellent is a leading provider of service that support and enable high-performance Boards. The assessments are put together by their experts based on the responses provided.

What are the overall benefits?

The Board Engagement Module helps you assess the current Executive team engagement model with their Board, compares it what best practice looks like and identify practical recommendations to drive sustained improvement in this critical relationship. The key objectives are to build a highly effective engagement model that improves decision-making, nurtures trust, optimises the value the Board adds and enables the collective Executive Team and Board to excel for their shareholders and stakeholders.

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