Move from intent to effective action with proper alignment

People interpret things differently. So when the working environment is complex, remote, and diverse, misalignment is inevitable. Our research-based diagnostic products identify and measure alignment gaps so people can get to a better shared current reality – a solid basis for effectiveness and change.

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How do you know where the alignment gaps are if you don’t discover them?

The experience of misalignment in the workplace is like wading through fog. Progress is slow and difficult. Decisions and actions do not line up. Performance drops and people become frustrated but cannot put their finger on why.



Driven by error or neglect: misinformation, missing information, unclear information.



Driven by diversity: past experiences; individual personality, motivation, beliefs and values, biases and assumptions; mindset; cultural differences and cultural context. This shows up in how people interpret things, how they relate that to their work, and how they collaborate.



Driven by error or neglect: missing or broken processes, policies, processes, tools, reporting lines, or other structures.



Intended or unintended alignment gaps driven by conflicting motivations, coping strategies, and / or fear-based behaviours (fear of being seen as negligent or incompetent, of being excluded, of failure): spreading disinformation, hiding information or insights, advancing self at the cost of others, or attempting to protect people.

Research shows people need to make sense of things for themselves – they cannot be told to align. So let them own it.

We capture anonymous responses about how people in teams perceive their whole world at work. By comparing the responses, the common ground and differences become clear. This data is used as the basis of structured alignment conversations, facilitated by trained practitioners online or in person.
Move away from silo thinking and blame. Get key topics on the table so they can be addressed safely and constructively.

Products for people in teams

When alignment gaps become clear, leaders can see where misunderstandings about the strategic frame need to be corrected. Participants can then work out how the strategy relates to their work and how they can deliver better together.

  • Practical
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Repeatable


Provides comprehensive alignment insights on how people in teams see their shared context, the team behaviours, and organizational support. Suitable for any level of team. Recommended where multiple teams are in scope.




Provides more detailed alignment insights on teams in complex, difficult, or high impact situations. Best for aligning senior and executive teams.




Compares how people see their context at work and uncovers misalignment in understanding or interpretation of the strategy. Behaviour questions are not included in this product.



Products for people across organizations

Even though alignment between people takes place most effectively at the team level, diagnosing gaps between teams and across multiple teams provides a richer, fuller picture.

  • Understand, how communications are being received across the organization
  • Find out what the actual culture is at play
  • Discover what one team is doing well that others could learn from
  • Provide the opportunity for people to provide feedback and input into tomorrow’s strategy


Purely measures how participants observe current alignment behaviours in the organization. This reveals the actual alignment culture at play. Used for base-lining and feedback purposes.




Rolls up multi-team data to compare results between teams and show the overview across all teams.



Customer Voices

"Mirror Mirror reveals patterns going on in the system. It makes them transparent and difficult to disagree with, so you’ve just got to accept them and move on it.”

Board of Directors

“I was very happy to see the open participation - everybody really spoke up. I’m impressed because we don’t normally see this in our operational meetings.”

Electronics Organization

"Overall, I found the experience very positive. It helped us to focus on issues that I believe we were aware of in general terms and to articulate them more specifically.”

Engineering Consultancy

"“I was inspired by the innovative way Mirror Mirror reflects the current research and offers a practical and customised way of identifying and addressing systemic alignment issues.”

Innovation Organization

“The Mirror Mirror approach was effective. It raised talking points that perhaps we were afraid, or ‘too busy’ to address on our own. It made us more aware of very important shifts we need to make.”

Management Consulting Organization

mirror mirror

white paper

The Alignment Imperative

This Whitepaper shows how research in neuroscience and the social sciences points to a richer and more relevant definition of alignment. It explains the structured and practical approach that Mirror Mirror takes to build better employee alignment in the workplace and shows two cases as proof of concept.