In depth, high-quality Team Reality Reporting

Research-based alignment data for leadership and team coaches

Our reports show the common ground and differences between people in how they see their whole system at work. Coaches use this data with clients to close the gaps and improve effectiveness.

Naturally, people interpret things differently and make assumptions. In today’s complex, dynamic, and hybrid workplaces this often leads to misalignment between people, undermining performance.  Misalignment is when decisions and actions don’t line up, when extra cost and effort mount up, and when frustration and blame take hold.  We call it The Fog.  

What our reports show 

The common ground and differences between

>   How people understand their context at work

>   How people see the learning behaviours at play

>   How people see the extent of organization support for alignment

… and more, based on the choice of additional situation questions. 


The data is presented in visualizations.

How the data is used

>   Identifies and measures alignment gaps and opportunities

>   Helps people see different views and perspectives

>   Gets issues safely on the table without judgement or blame

>   Opens the door to the conversation that are needed 

>   Reminds people what it means to be in an effective team

>   Evidences where further attention is needed.

What people do as a result

>   Surface the assumptions and misinterpretations at play

>   Understand what they are doing that is helping or hindering their work

>   Better align to the strategy and how it relates to their work

>   Learn how to interact and collaborate in ways that improve results

>   See what they need to do differently to become more effective

>   Recognize issues and find ways to approach them

>   Clear the fog, and create a better shared reality.

What the impacts are 

>   More effective action and increased performance

>   Reduced frustration 

>   Increased trust and engagement

>   More ownership

>   Increased acceptance of, and readiness for change

>   More capacity to innovate

>   Reduced cost and effort. 

mirror mirror

white paper

The Alignment Imperative

Mirror Mirror reflects what’s going on in a way that cannot be disputed.

See how the organizational messages are being received. Understand how people think the strategy relates to their work. Find out what the actual learning culture. Discover what one team is doing well that others could learn from. See where the alignment gaps are and what’s causing them. Enable people to express their views and ideas, and work out how to deliver better together. 

Real insights in context.

“Barriers to psychological safety can present on a number of levels in the workplace. Mirror Mirror is a refreshing way of getting people around some of those barriers, by allowing them to share their views anonymously, and address key issues without judgement or blame.”


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